Dit weekend ben ik weer eens op een wilderness trip geweest. Dit deed ik niet alleen om mijn wilderness requirements in orde te brengen, maar ook om een kans te grijpen om iets te doen dat ik normaal gezien niet zou doen op mijn verjaardag. Tijdens de trip heb ik wat neergepend en dit wil ik graag met jullie delen. Veel leesplezier!

Happy bday to me :). Yesterday we started the hike @Pecos National Forst, NM. After waking up early, taking a little nap on the bus I thought I was ready. Turned out it was a pretty tough hike at the beginning. After a while through the trail, it all became much easier. It was an enjoyable hike.

The beautiful view during the walk up to our sleeping destination.

The view is so amazing, the group is so sweet and positive, and my knee isn’t acting out which is great.

The cute and lovely group: Eric (Barbados), Johana (Peru), Amanda (North-Carolina, USA), Carlie (Canada), Lauren (Hong Kong, Canada), Othmane (Morocco), Geya (different places from the US), Pablo (Germany) and Pradip (Nepal)

After making the tent, and getting ourselves settled, Carlie & Othmane made some amazing tortillas. Sooo good!

We were up very high, dayum

I always forget how clear the sky becomes in the night when you’re not nearby any type of light pollution. There are plenty of starts out there, and they look so fastinating.


Before we went to bed/sleep, we had to put up the bear hang up, but because two people of our group couldn’t find other good branches besides two that weren’t that stable after all -someone was almost under the branch- we ended leaving the food on the ground with pots and pans on top of it so that the things would make noice and scare the bear away if t wanted to take the food. I was praying for the food to still be there, and THANK GOD THE FOOD WAS STILL THERE THE NEXT DAY.

The lake nearby our camp in Pecos

Today was an rather easy hike, mainly because we were going downhill. My knees started acting out though so that sucked a bit, but it didn’t take away the insteresting convo’s we had on the way back to the bus. It went from talking about how our French teachers used to be like until politics, and the defaults of them. Once we were very close to the bus, we bumped into two people. They were saying hi, and of course we said hi back because that’s how people are in the US. They greet each other, even if you don’t know the person you’re saying hi to. Once I passed the two people, the guy said: *”How did you slip in here? Are you from Ghana?! *i laughed so hard* “No, I’m from Belgium”, I answered and we just continued to finish our hike. 

When we were at our final destination, Carlie came up with the great idea to use the left over tortillas to fill them up with Nutella, Oreo’s, M&M’s, chocolate chips and nuts. That s**t was sooo good, but after a while my stomach started protesting all kinds of chocolate. I guess it wasn’t so good for the belly at all. While enjoying the tortilla, we saw the two people back, and the guy wanted to apologise. He said something in the lines of: “Yesterday we also bumped into an international group of students, and there was a person from Ghana and I mistaken you with the person.” Now what he said made more sense hah. Anyway, we chilled a bit more in Pecos, and then drove back to campus. 

You know when you get back from wilderness, taking a shower and taking a dumb are one of the best things ever. I enjoyed it so much, smelled fresh again and went to the caf to have some dinner and ice cream cuz Sunday Sundae (every Sunday they offer different flavours of ice cream)! Around 10PM a bunch of great people organised a birthday gathering for me, which was so lovely. I cannot express enough how gratefull I am for having these people in my life, and those who helped out making this day wonderful. Moments like those made me remember how precious this place is along with the people, and how all the moments I felt like the world was going to collaps were all worth it.

Dit was het dan weer. Tot de volgende!

Ange/Vanessa/Ange-Vanessa 🙂

PS. Hi national committee of Belgium, we shaved our heads for this great initiative Nora (from Mauratius) and Luis (from Venuzuela) started on our campus. 🙂 (DONATIONS ARE STILL WELCOME: )


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