today let’s talk about the amazing, the controversial, the beautiful: BLACK HAIR. Since the dawn of time, black people have had to dodge stereotypes and stigmas surrounding their beautiful locks.

“Do you wash you hair? Whose hair is that? Hmmm, you look better with your hair straight! So is this all yours? Can I touch it?” These are all questions many black people would be familiar with. Why is there so much confusion about our hair?

Even to this day, black people have to fight the notion that “good hair” is straight, silky, and smooth. Little girls are being sent home for coming to school with their little afro puffs. Workplace dress codes (and at one point the army) instruct black women on which hairstyles are professional, often times preventing the wear of curly or afro hair.

Let’s not forget: BLACK HAIR IS GOOD HAIR. Whether natural, relaxed, braided, weavified, wigged up, straight, curly, or kinky, our hair is our history. And like said history, it is complex and rich. It is normal and extraordinary. It is something to be admired (but maybe don’t stick your hand in it without permission?).

I hope you enjoy the video even though it is only a fraction of our hair’s possibilities and if you have any pressing questions about black hair, I happily volunteer myself as ur local expert on black hair care for the rest of Black History Month! Or we can start a convo in the comment section below.

  • Chiazo

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