So yesterday I overslept so I couldn’t have a decent breakfst – I quickly ate some chocolate and ran out the door.

But today I ate breakfast, and it felt different. Weird. I never thought it would though. I never expected any meal to be very different from those at uwc.

I’ve been eating everything I had to miss for more than ten months: chocolate, chokotoffs, real bread, luikse siroop and so on. But there’s one thing I couldn’t find that I could only find at uwc: meal talks. Conversations that are about various things like the waterfountain at the welcome center or how much a teacher just skips class to walk his dog out.

There was always someone who was also having breakfast, either on the same table or on the other side of the dining hall whereas here, at this point in time, I am all alone. Mum’s cleaning upstairs and I am here. Trying to eat breakfast, but it doesn’t really work because of my jetlag.

I guess it is true when people say that you will only realise what you love once it is gone. I know I’ll get my breakfast, lunch and dinner moments back in August. But just sitting here in the kitchen makes me realise a lot.

Now, I will try to enjoy my food and look forward to the next adventures to come.

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